Machine Weights vs. Free Weights

Have you ever walked into a gym and thought, where do I start?

If you’ve ever walked in and been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of equipment, and felt intimidated, I can promise you that you’re not alone. Every piece of equipment has a purpose, and each has it’s own benefits. I wanted to talk a little about the pros and cons of free weights vs machine weights.

Really, it’s about doing what you’re comfortable with, your fitness level, your goals, and what equipment you have access to. You should aim to train all of your major muscle groups at least twice a week, and keep at least one day in between training sessions for those muscle groups.

For me, I prefer free weight. I feel like I get a better workout all around by using free weights as opposed to machines. Here are some of my personal favorite exercises to use for both –



No matter which route you choose to go, be sure to use proper form. If you aren’t sure, ask somebody. The majority of the people I run into at the gym are happy to lend a helping hand or a quick tip. After all, we’re all there for a common goal!